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How is the rating calculated?

The extension checks the security headers and counts how many of them are present, and how many correct values they contain. For each missing header or unsafe value, the total score is reduced by a predefined value.

The score is then converted from a scale of 1 to 100 to a scale of A to F, and displayed in a pop-up window. The score is recalculated each time a separator is reloaded.

On tabs where the security level cannot be calculated (eg in a new tab), the extension displays a status of "Unknown" and "?".

The four main benefits
of using Security Suite

Find out why you should install the extension right now

Evaluates the safety of the site

A - great security, B - good security, C - normal security,
D - not bad security, E - not so good security, F - bad security.

Escape advertising trackers

Security Suite blocks third-party trackers and helps you
avoid being tracked across the internet.

No more popups and overlays

You can stop all annoying ads with industry-leading accuracy in both new tabs and new windows.

Improve performance

This extension applies clever caching techniques and blocks the stuff you do not need (ads and trackers).

Security marks

The security mark is indicated on the site depending on the overall
assessment of the security level